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Spoiling Yourself on your Birthday with a Kenner

Buying myself a Kenner for my birthday has become a bit of a tradition. What better excuse to spoil yourself than your birthday really? Buying yourself a birthday gift ensures that you get exactly what you want, every year. For the first time ever, I have paid off a Kenner by layaway instead of buying a banged up girl on eBay. I put up a wanted advert and had a response within a few hours from a lovely lady within Australia.Continue Reading Spoiling Yourself on your Birthday with a Kenner

Dolly Stocktake: My Blythe Doll Family – Feb 2012

I have been practicing taking group shots of my girls, this one has all of my girls except for one that is in pieces right now, and the blonde Kenner is a visitor. I’ve dressed them in all the House of Pinku that I own, except for Cousin Olivia and Marabelle Melody who are wearing my own clothing. I need two more HOP dresses so I can do a complete family photo. *edit* bought one but it is still on the way.

Splash of Colour

Blythe Designers That I Love

Buying designer Blythe clothing for me isn’t about the name on the clothing, it is about buying items that I know will be well made, fit properly and have the exquisite levels of detail I have grown to love in miniature items. I don’t look down on other people because they don’t dress their dolls in expensive Blythe clothing, this is a selfish hobby and I appreciate Blything in many forms. I myself can’t bring myself to pay hundreds of dollars for an item. Not having been into Blythe for as long as some of my friends, I often look to them for inspiration and education, seeing an amazing dress or shoe I will always have to find out where it came from. I do sew my own clothing but my skills aren’t at the level of some of the amazing designers that I admire. Here is a list of Blythe designers that I love right now.
Inomi – Japan
Inomi on Flickr
Inomi designs are original and reasonably priced for the work that goes into them. The fabric chosen is cute, if you are into school girl style or mod outfits check out Inomi. It’s always nice to find a designer that has clothing in stock as opposed to having to beg on forums to buy things. Here is Monika in an Inomi dress I received as part of a secret santa swap.

Pommecopine- Thailand
Pommecopine on Flickr
I am currently waiting on my first Pommecopine dress, having been admiring them for awhile on Etsy. One again I look for the detail in the dresses and the selection of fabric, along with patterns that will suit my dolls. Look at this gorgeous design in lime green, a colour that I am rather into at the moment. Love the lacey detail down the front.

Mabelcakes- USA
Mabelcakes on Flickr
I found out about Mabelcakes Creations when she joined a forum that I post on. She creates a limited number of items that can be hard to get hold of but are worth looking around for. I bought one of her smock dresses awhile ago and would love to get some more. Quirky fabric matches with a simple design that is well executed make me love her stuff. Check out Monika in one of her smocks.

Petit BonBon- Canada
I am yet to purchase anything from Petit BonBon but being payday tomorrow, I think that is about to change. The tiny tiny prints on the fabric used to make these items is adorable. She uses classic colour combinations like red, white and pink the sets and original/unusual trimmings. They’re a little bit more costly than the other designers I have posted but I believe such attention to detail and craftsmanship is worth it.They also come as sets, not just one item.

Plonsjeroze- Netherlands
Plonsjeroze on Flickr
I like to dress my Blythe dolls in clothing I could never/would never wear. I think this is why I love Plonsjeroze Creations. The clothing are all so bright and colourful and I usually only wear black. Stunning bright fabrics are mixed together to create explosions of  colour. I have two outfits on their way to me after having admired this designer for awhile. Check out the intense blasts of brightness below. Picture linked from Flickr, click it to go to the original poster.

House of Pinku- USA
House of Pinku on Flickr
I am still in love with House of Pinku.Having just received my first smock dress created by the lovely Julie, I am in love. Once again, reasonable prices, dresses are often sold out but she uploads new ones every couple of days. Very well made dresses with a gorgeous range of fabrics. Check out Monika in her new smock <3

Plastic Fashion- USA
Plastic Fashion on Flickr
Guh what can I say other than, I want it I want it I want it! Some of the dresses make my eyeballs fall out of my head in adoration. The really brightly coloured dresses with original designs made using tiny detailed fabric just kill me! So much so that I’ve had to created a wanted listing on several Blythe forums. I’ve already bought one dress that was offered to me, a couple of them not being quite what I was looking for. I adore this one and a couple of other super bright ones with small print fabrics. Need, need.

Chu Things- Australia
Chu Things on Flickr
I almost killed myself when I missed out on the latest “Colourful Party” Chu Things dresses that were available twice due to demand. (if you want to sell yours please email me!) Maria creates dresses using her own patterns that are carefully hand crafted with such a high degree of detail that you almost need a magnifying glass to truely appreciate them. I own two Chu Things sets, one strawberry print set and a pink and brown schoolgirl dress and shirt.

Leshan – Spain
Leshan on Flickr
I went crazy for awhile looking for delicate crochet dresses for Blythe. My mother is an amazing crocheter but she hasn’t had time to teach me to crochet yet. Leshan creates really intricate designs for Blythe for a really reasonable price. She will do custom work and create items to your specifications too. I have a pink and a brown Leshan dress and adore them.

Others worth mentioning mainly a list for myself of more amazing designers that I haven’t managed to buy from yet.
Tomate Cerise – EU
La Boutique de Lupi – EU
Eurotrash- Finland
Poupee mechanique – EU

Some people balk at the idea of paying $25+ for a tiny tiny dress but when you take into account the fabric used, the fact that one dress could take two hours to make, the postage, paypal fees, trimmings and years of honing their skills, this isn’t much at all. I know from my own experience, when I’ve made a dress with a lot of detail it takes me a few hours. I only hope that one day I am confident enough to sell my clothes like these talented people.

More disturbing toys: Not so Sweet Talkin’ Ken & Barbie Consumer Whore Set

Teach your daughter to be a good little consumer whore with this jewellery, cash register and scanner set. You scan the item, and the “shop assistant” tells you what a good deal you got.

Sweet talkin’ Ken – I am not sure I would say the things I immediately recorded into Ken and played back to myself were sweet. I then proceeded to do this to all of the Sweet Talkin’ Ken dolls in Toys R Us before giggling to myself and leaving. If only I could be witness to the look on the poor parents faces when their puzzled child on Christmas morning asks them what a blowjob.

I DID however leave the store with a rather fancy baking set for Barbie, which fits perfectly with my Deluxe Barbie Kitchen set. Sireena’s already cooking up a storm.

I also wanted to point out that while searching for an amazing boyfriend for Monika, I found this one of a kind, Ken doll re-paint/re-root of Peter Steele. *dies inside* I need him.

Dolly Review: Takara Carry Case – The Ins & Outs

I found this case for sale, brand new on one of my favourite Japanese sites last week. For some reason I’ve decided that since I am really unwell, I can spend all my money. Not the best idea but fuck it. I bought the case, it arrived today. Wasn’t able to find any pictures of the inside of the case so here it is in all of it’s amazing glory:

Outside Takara Carry Case

Inside Takara Carry Case

The little strap holds the doll in perfectly and I love the tiny coathanger and hook for it. There’s also another little box to put shoes etc in. This will really make dolly meet ups a lot more simple as I have been carrying my dolls around in pillowcases inside big green shopping bags, you know the ones from Woolworths. As you can see that gorgeous House of Pinku dress also arrived, on top of the new guitar amp I bought and a puppy, today has been a pretty good day for mail!

Restoration Diary 3: Raven Sidepart Kenner Blythe

My girl is finished! After spending about 8 hours straightening her hair using a straightening iron set on low heat and a bit of water, she has cleaned up quite nicely. Somehow I seem to have damaged the nerves in my thumb from pressing down on the straightener and I can’t feel it! There are about 4 plugs missing from the front of her scalp so I have ordered some original brunette hair from and hope to fill them back in a little as there’s a small gap I am not happy with right at the front. I photoshopped it out of these pics cause it was annoying me. She isn’t perfect, but that is the beauty of restoring your own Kenner Blythe, they are all unique.

Noita noita!

Monika has guest starred in her first acting role as the evil Monika Kenner in Be My Valentine. A web based comic booked starring Valentine, the geeky Nicky Lad Blythe.

Now I want to put together a video of the process.